OpengateMown - System for the owner to manage MAC address



flow of processing

OpengateMown works as Captive Portal, when Opengate is not employed.  The Web access to any site is taken over by the local page.  When Opengate is employed as Captive Portal, OpengateMown is linked to the Opengate page.

The following flowchart shows the  Captive Portal processing of OpengateMown.  The system takes over the Web access from the unpermitted terminal to the outside site, and performs the registration or updating of the MAC address.  After processing, the system comes back to the original site.


  1. Install openateMd.  This system and opengateMd settle in the same gateway.

  2. Install Apache, MySQL, and SqLite3.  Install the system to use for authentication, if necessary.

  3. Unpack the archive linked to the top page and install it from the directory [mngsrc] as follows.

    tar xzvf opengatem0.0.0.tar.gz
    cd opengatem0.0.0/mngsrc
    make installmown

  4. Modify the configuration file to adjust to the environment.  It is necessary to change MySql setting, network interface name, a authentication method at least.  Set the authentication method for the general users. This system supports POP3, FTP, LADIUS, LDAP, PAM, Shibboleth, and HttpBasic.

    cp opengatemmng.conf.sample opengatemmng.conf
    vi opengatemmng.conf

  5. When you use HttpBasic or Shibboleth, Add the following descriptions into [.htaccess]. The CGI [opengatemown.cgi] is protected by [general user authentication]. In the case of other methods, remove these setting.

    ----For HTTP BASIC------
    <FILES opengatemown.cgi>
    AuthType Basic
    AuthUserFile /tmp/passwd.dat
    AuthName "Enter Your ID and Password"
    Require valid-user

    ----For Shibboleth----
    <FILES opengatemown.cgi>
    AuthType shibboleth
    ShibRequestSetting requireSession 1
    ShibRequireSession On
    ShibUseHeaders On
    Require valid-user


Administrator can select a method from the following.